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The Wastes is an infinite procedural Text-based roguelike with more content than you can shake a stick at, travel through harsh regions, mutant dungeons and warzones in your search for loot and glory or spend your time inside towns or trading with merchants!

Explore the wastes through varieties of regions and sub-regions, deserts, craters, mountains and ruins are the backdrop though some are full of Titan beasts of mutant proportions, some are full of warring factions and some are completely dead and devoid of life.

Randomly Generated Content
Randomly generated content in games these days can be a drag if done badly but in the wastes the random content only works to enrich gameplay, you will find things different across your various playthroughs as the world changes!

  • Special Moves including ones that do damage to your own health or match your opponents stats
  • Tons of perks that change everything from merchant gold to your ability to play guitar
  • Readable Books including some randomly generated ones that come in a variety of conditions, some have burned or ruined parts you can't read and some are special and have golden or glowing text (currently over 336 books and book types)
  • Randomly generated towns with every building enterable (in the future this will be the main focus of the game)
  • The Loot, Weapons, Food, Drink, Medical Supplies, Misc Junk, Dices, Mystery Bags, Upgrade and Repair Kits, there are so many things to loot you'll never have it all!

Encounters in the wastes
The Game is nothing but encounters and though you may pass similar areas you'll never have a run that's exactly the same with over 200 different encounters to find, from a dancing giant mutant to a cockroach racing ring, there is always something new to find.

  • Some encounters will work different and offer different options depending on your skills and perks
  • Some encounters will work differently depending on where you are, you wont find merchants in high level regions, but you might find their gored corpses

Last but certainly not least we have moddability, be it the text on the splash screen to the plants/books/food or junk, you can change, modify or add your own items freely, want to turn all books into ascii art, go ahead, want to start the game with a hundred cuts of bacon, why not! with modding and randomly generated content the game rarely runs out of things to do

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Learnt about this from your video omg!!!!! About Warsim <3

Hell yeah always love more people hearing about it :)


Heard about this today. Gonna check it out.

Hope you enjoy it mate! How did you hear about it? :o

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I was interested in making my own text-based adventure game actually and was doing research on reddit. So far I like it a lot, but I’m just sad it was cut short before you were able to implement a save feature. If you don’t mind me asking, what  did you use to make this game?

Ah that's cool mate, well it's made in C++ with no engine, using the Codeblocks IDE

Thanks. I'll check out Warsim too

Ah awesome mate, well I hope you enjoy it!


you gotta remake this game

I wish I had the time for it, I miss it a lot haha


lol hopefully one day.

Hear hear!


how is warsim doing lol

Going really good thanks, it's summer sale times too so it's nice at the moment :) 

Got some Warsim plans cooking in the background too :)


I was not aware you are also the dev of Warsim, I am also a player and remembered this gem. Really hope to see it revived someday- and if not? Do you have any resources on developing a game like this? I'd love to give it a go myself.

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Really enjoying Warism on Steam so I decided to come back here and give this a spin. Hope you make a new project soon!

Edit: It isn't working on my pc. Gonna have to find a work around. I really need to play this.


Thank you mate, just saw your steam review too! Really appreciated <3

And shit should work on a PC. Only weird thing I saw before was sometimes anti-virus programs don't like the .exe for some reason. Couldn't play it on my own PC once when I coded the damn thing. But it's identical to Warsim in it's format, Cmd.exe.

Let me know if you have any issues, and thanks again <3

commenting just to say i love the game and its sad you lost it mate, about to try the new update for warsim hope its good :)


Hey mate, always makes me happy to see comments on this project! Still sad about it's loss but hey, life goes on haha

Thanks for the kind words and I hope you enjoy the Warsim update <3


I can't stop playing, send help! Game is really fun. It has interesting events and mechanics (like storms for example). RNG is painful, but it's also the fun of the game. Too bad source code got lost, but this game is a gem even as it is!

Thank you so much mate, always warms my heart to get comments on this dead game. It was once my baby and the depression when I lost it at first was immenese. I'd love to remake the concept in the future though haha!

I love the RNG, sometimes you get super lucky and sometimes you get it terrible but it's just the way of the wastes and you never know haha


This game rocks. Sad to hear the source code got wiped :(

Thank you mate, it means a lot to still get comments on this project! I love it so much


I didn't know about this game believe it or not. I have played Warsim off and on and i can see original inspiration from this game.  Its a shame the code was lost. I actually prefer this exploration style of play over running a kingdom play. 

Just a couple of questions...

1) Charisma, Luck and Sneak has no values in the Skill points menu, i cannot level these up. is this because from failures you eventually get these skills? like with failing lock picking you can increase your skill, but also can do this when spending skill points too.

2) Are all the regions random? including number counter to clear them?

3) Are the levels of regions how hard the enemies will be to kill or difficulty across the board, eg. picking locks will be harder too etc

Hey mate, I loved the Wastes and appreciate the core gameplay loop more than Warsims personally too.

Unfortunately at the time I never expanded the skill trees, so only the skills with numbers next to them work in game.

As for the regions, yes they are all completely random but at game start the initial loadout are all lower level regions that are super small. This is to ensure the player doesn't instantly get killed off with a bad loadout. After that it's pure luck. There are perks that make it so you get a guarenteed higher minimum of regions to choose from but they are still random.

It's a mix of tougher spawns but also some encounters that are hidden for lower region levels, lockpicking is unchanged though.


Is a save function ever gonna be implemented?

Sorry mate, this games dead in the water. The source code was wiped in an accident years ago.

I wish I could though honestly.


Damn that doesnt sound good. I didnt even think you would reply. But i saw you have another game released which is kind of like this game so i might check it out. Well take care.

It's alright mate, I used to really enjoy this game and I'm always humbled people are still playing/checking it out!

I've got backups of the new game so no chance of the same issues haha, thank you for the support either way :)


Hi are there any cheats for this game. And what do all the diffident editions do. Like (13=Welp Edition, 26=Iquana Bill Edition, 31=Coward Edition, 33=Perky Edition, 35=Super Perky Edition, 66=Dead Man Edition, and 78=All Colour Activated To Change The Color Of The Text) And any others i have not found.

My Blind Friend And I like playing your game.

Thanks in advanced.


Hi buddy, glad you like the game.

Entered into the main menu these will give you special cheats, not required but they do add a new element to the game, mostly added for testing they are there to allow the player to play around

  • 13 - welp edition - sets players hp to 50 and stats to 1
  • 26 - iguana bill edition - turns the player into iguana bill
  • 31 - coward edition - sets players hp and stats higher
  • 66 - deadman edition - sets players hp to 10 and stats all to 1
  • 33 - Perky edition - 10 perks per level
  • 35 - super perky edition - 100 perks per level
  • 78 - Colour Selector - Dev tool that allows you to force any colour
  • 101 - level 1 forever edition- pretty much impossible to level up
  • 108 - Garry Edition - All npcs are named garry
  • 404 - Encounter Selector - Dev tool that allows you to force any encounter
  • 999 - drugged test - runs the drugged effect
  • 1337 - LEET edition - sets players hp and stats super high
  • 1007 - LOOT edition - lots more loot
  • 555 - $$$ edition - gives you $1'000'000
  • 5555 - $$$$ edition - gives you $100'000'000

I found a sort of exploit. The dude that allows you to make a blood weapon and roll ye olde die of disgrace and trade blood for coins, if you get the regen deal-io skill and you sell your blood for the highest amount and then go in and out of your inventory you will regen said lost HP, so you can then sell your blood again and again etc.

Nice exploit, cheers for letting me know. The game source code was lost so it's never going to be updated again unfortunately but I'm glad it's still being played :)


Hell yeah dude, it's very annoying when a fat guy pops out of the ground and one hits you cause you cant run away and your max hp is 135, but it's fun enough to make you never want to stop playing over and over again.

Yeah man, those Titans can get you!

Even as the dev I literally can't save myself half the time in game, it's a brutal and unforgiving game,

Deleted 356 days ago

Glad to hear it, thanks for playing and best of luck with your upcoming stuff :)


Love this game so much!


Hey Retch, really glad you like it! :)