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The Wastes is an infinite procedural Text-based roguelike with more content than you can shake a stick at, travel through harsh regions, mutant dungeons and warzones in your search for loot and glory or spend your time inside towns or trading with merchants!

Explore the wastes through varieties of regions and sub-regions, deserts, craters, mountains and ruins are the backdrop though some are full of Titan beasts of mutant proportions, some are full of warring factions and some are completely dead and devoid of life.

Randomly Generated Content
Randomly generated content in games these days can be a drag if done badly but in the wastes the random content only works to enrich gameplay, you will find things different across your various playthroughs as the world changes!

  • Special Moves including ones that do damage to your own health or match your opponents stats
  • Tons of perks that change everything from merchant gold to your ability to play guitar
  • Readable Books including some randomly generated ones that come in a variety of conditions, some have burned or ruined parts you can't read and some are special and have golden or glowing text (currently over 336 books and book types)
  • Randomly generated towns with every building enterable (in the future this will be the main focus of the game)
  • The Loot, Weapons, Food, Drink, Medical Supplies, Misc Junk, Dices, Mystery Bags, Upgrade and Repair Kits, there are so many things to loot you'll never have it all!

Encounters in the wastes
The Game is nothing but encounters and though you may pass similar areas you'll never have a run that's exactly the same with over 200 different encounters to find, from a dancing giant mutant to a cockroach racing ring, there is always something new to find.

  • Some encounters will work different and offer different options depending on your skills and perks
  • Some encounters will work differently depending on where you are, you wont find merchants in high level regions, but you might find their gored corpses

Last but certainly not least we have moddability, be it the text on the splash screen to the plants/books/food or junk, you can change, modify or add your own items freely, want to turn all books into ascii art, go ahead, want to start the game with a hundred cuts of bacon, why not! with modding and randomly generated content the game rarely runs out of things to do

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Amazing! Really gave me some much needed inspiration for a few of my own upcoming projects!


Glad to hear it, thanks for playing and best of luck with your upcoming stuff :)


Love this game so much!


Hey Retch, really glad you like it! :)