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Warsim has just recently sold 20'000 copies across Steam and Itch.io and has a 97% positive rating on Steams review system!


Warsim is a deep and rich text based kingdom management game unlike anything else. Complete with charming ASCII graphics, navigate the millions of different procedurally generated races, events and areas with a huge emphasis on player choice. Don't let its look fool you, there is depth in every direction.


Explore the rich and vast world filled with over 100 locations to be visited/bought/plundered, you can shape the world how you see fit. Visit a giant Blackmarket filled to the brim with mystery and wonder, discover hidden cities (yep multiple of them!), A scorpion fighting pit, Strange villages, and cult like towns. There has been an excessive amount of time spent fleshing out the world. Exploration is well rewarded!

In the throne room you are tasked with talking to and dealing with the people of your realm, be you a small kingdom with a line of 10 visitors, or a mighty empire with lines of 1000s of people. You will encounter gamblers, bards, tricksters, mercenaries, common folk, beggars, and everything in between. Over 1000 different encounters with complex solutions and reactions. How will you manage your realm? Will you install trap doors and send those foolish enough to visit you plummeting to their deaths? or will you hire a capable steward to deal with them in your stead! The choice is yours.

Warsim's unique and in-depth procedural race generation system has been developed for years and currently produces a total of 94,887,852 possible races, which pretty much means you'll never see the same race twice, in fact statistically the races you see will never have been seen by anyone before! you might find Seafaring Goblins, Fire Orcs, Eyeless Elves or the Famed Half-Turtles of the Western Turtledom, Orange Ogretaurs, Inbred Trench Dwarves, and millions more races you couldn't imagine!

Each of these races has their own birth rate, a level of civility (or savageness), three unique units each with different battle scores, their own laws and societal standards (like xenophobia), and varying traits depending on their racial prefixes pulling from a large list of unique racial abilities sure to make each playthrough unique!

It's not just the races that are massively procedural in Warsim, it's also the faces! The total number of faces is somewhere in the range of 100+ Quadrillion, which lets face it (I'll show myself out), it's basically infinite. This means that all of those enemy rulers, all of those staff members, and everyone who appears in your throne room are all faces seen only in that moment by you, and never again by anyone else in the world! Pretty cool huh?

Here are 10 of the 62,418,146,400,000 (62.4 Trillion) different orcish faces!

And another bunch of faces from various in game races!

The Arena is another important location within your kingdom, here heroes rise and fall while others are remembered for eternity, clever gamblers make their fortune, great and exalted tournaments are held, and the public sate their appetite for blood! You can find the Arena in a variety of shapes and can even take it for yourself, setting the cost of entry, changing the rules, and upgrading it as you wish!

Games within games? You bet! Ruling a kingdom can be boring at times and you may wish entertainment to pass the time, hire a gamesmaster to fill your time when you're bored or play one of the many games littered throughout the taverns and locations of the world, games that include: Snail Racing, Bat Racing, Rat Racing, Rock paper scissors, 21 the dice game, Dragon wench knight, Sudden death (4 different types), Coin flipping, Guess the dice, Swampy cup game, Thralls finger, Animal pit fighting, Scorpion pit fighting, and loads more!

Are you a lover of the procedural arts? Why not listen to the procedurally generated songs of one of the many bards of the Warsim world, or make your way to the musicians guild or the Goblinwood school of drums and try your hand at playing music yourself. The world is filled with all manner of procedurally terrible musicians, from Orc grunters, Gnome whistlers, Goblin drummers, Clickers, Vampire luteplayers, and several others! Hire one as your own personal court bard and train them to play better and faster!

Ruling a kingdom isn't all warfare and conquest, kick back, relax, and gather your people together for a celebration of your design! Or travel around and visit the exclusive celebrations of the peoples of the world, Including: The Blackmarket Century Festival, a huge festival held in the gem of the north, or if you treat them right the great GOBLINWOOD JAMBOREE! A once a-decade experience in the goblin town of Goblinwood.

Here's a goblin drinking competition! (it's pretty easy because goblins can't drink!)

Is being an honest and good natured ruler not for you? Would you prefer sending your loyal warriors to depths unseen to enslave beasts of the underworld for you to train and fight? If the answer is yes then you're in luck, build a monster pit in your kingdom and hold up to 3 of over 27'000 Procedurally generated monsters inside! Fight them and train them against any of 45 opponent trainers! Do you have what it takes?

A tough day on the throne? why not get drunk in one of the many different taverns around the world. Here you can find a myriad of different drinks with varying effects and tons of things to get up to in each tavern. Be warned though, drink too much and you may blackout and wake next to a sleeping ogress, or to a lighter coinpurse... And we won't even talk about the hangovers!

And believe it or not, all of the above isn't everything, there's still so much more to see and discover in Warsim!


Warsim has an awesome community spread across a number of platforms. Primarily our community on reddit but also our discord and steam community.

I cannot describe how awesome and supportive the community has been towards me in my years developing this game and I can only hope to deliver a worthy finished product.

Thanks for reading all of this and if you do get Warsim I hope you enjoy it!


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Would be nice to be able to select dominant gender of a realm.  For example, the top screen lists soldiers as Men, what if I want to play as Drow where the presumed council would be female and the soldiers too would be female with males turning up less frequently?  Could be cool.

Interesting idea for sure! Noted for something in the future potentially. Thanks :)


Really looking forward to playing this, ever since watching it on a YT video. I purchased it but when I try to launch it from the itch desktop app, it opens a cmd window (on Windows 10) and then ... nothing. Anyone have this issue, or any suggestions?

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Hey mate I'm so sorry that happened to you!

Over the years several people have reported problems similarly, seems to be something to do with the windows codepage

Thread explaining it here https://www.reddit.com/r/WarsimRpg/comments/f3t5bz/i_cant_seem_to_start_the_game...

Solutions people have found

- Legacy mode enabling - https://steamcommunity.com/app/659540/discussions/0/2999926461248350662/

- Changing the code page to 437 - https://steamcommunity.com/app/659540/discussions/0/1743358239830339859/

- Turning off UTF-8 - https://www.reddit.com/r/WarsimRpg/comments/f3t5bz/i_cant_seem_to_start_the_game...

- One user 'Rage knight' suggested 'Search for the option of "system local" in region option in control panel under administrative tab. in there, there is an option to change system locale. if you option it, there is a "beta" check box. i think microsoft auto checked it on systems that installed japanese language pack. i think it was the issue.'

I have never personally experienced it but the people who did all seemed to have fixed it in the end so hopefully we can for you. Keep me posted and worse case scenario get a refund if we can't get it working. Shouldn't be paying it you can't play!

Once again though I'm sorry this is happening for you.




Your game looks fantastic, I sent you extra $10:) Can you tell me more, about your game development process? Which programing language are you using, how you prepare plan (new stuff) etc. I want to develop game(s) also, but I always give up in some stage:( do you have some advices for me?:)


Hey Pavel, Thank you so much for the support and the extra tip, that's really kind of you!

So the games development process for me was an interesting one, the game is written in c++ and when I first started I just worked on procedural generation, I love proc gen stuff so when I learned how to do it I just spent all my time making little generators, weapon generators, ship generators, face generators.

I did that for a year or so for fun in some of my spare time, but I was sad that I couldn't use them in a game. I looked into c++ tutorials for game development online and started learning, I made a basic battle simulator in one of them, and then added troop hiring, then an arena, then desertion, then exploration, then mercenary groups, then randomised enemies, and so on and before I knew it I had a really early version of Warsim.

I didn't think much of it but it was turning into a legitimate game. I left the project for a while but when I came back I put it on reddit and here on itch.io and handfuls of people checked it out, many gave their thoughts and tips on what could improve things. Over time I would release updates and try and take on board player feedback as much as I could. After two years of developing it more seriously I decided to put it on steam and after that things really blew up for me.

I've now sold over 24000 copies in the three years it's been on steam, and the game has had 100s of updates and is far better than I ever thought it could be from the constant work.

So for planning I write down in simple .txt files little sections of features I'd like to add, over time as many were suggested by players the list grew massively, 1000s of things on there, I would go through and add and work on anything I wanted. Whatever I was most interested in at the time, or if something would be a quick and easy fix/addition I'd get it out of the way.

After a few years of working through the giant list I realised I'd be in development forever, I'm 5 years in right now and still in early access for example. So I spent a few days going through the entire list and spring cleaning it, I cleared stuff that wasn't really worth adding, categorised suggestions that were for the same area of the game, and I made a new list for stuff that wasn't essential to the game but could be added later as a post-release plan list.

In the end I got the list cut down from about 3000 things to about 500, then worked through that list by doing themed updates clearing whole blocks of stuff.

Honestly for motivation it can be super hard, for me having random generation in the game was nice because some of the content is different each time so at least all the playtesting doesn't get so boring but even that wears thin eventually. The biggest one for me is player feedback, having messages and comments was fuel for development for me and really made me want to keep working on it. I never used to get many but these days across Warsim's steam/discord/reddit etc there are plenty of new comments and feedback which always motivate me.

It also helps that I'm working on a game I like to play, and if I think of something that would make my playtime more fun I just add it, which was always what my dream of game development was.

My advice for starting out is getting feedback, if you can get people who are willing to play your game and give you feedback it can be invaluable, I thought I had good vision for game development, but I was blind to so many things that just didn't occur to me until players mentioned it. No one is perfect and no one considers everything and sometimes working on a game and looking at it so closely we miss the bigger picture and really obvious things that need to be changed/added etc.

If you can get feedback and work on it to keep improving your project it will inevitably be a better game in time, obviously advice varies a bit depending on platform/target market/genre etc

I hope this all helps and once again thank you for your support!

Happy new year and greetings from Wales in the UK

Huw ~

Hello, just purchased this game from your website. I just saw that this is also available on STEAM in early access. As you make updates to the game, how do I update my downloaded version? I hope this question makes sense. Thank you. 

Hey, thanks for the support.

So whenever the game receives an update it gets updated at the same time on both steam and itch.io. To update the game just redownload it from your download link, your save files will always be compatable with any new versions of the game.

Hope this helps and please enjoy the game :)



I've had a lot of fun with this game, I highly recommend it!

Thanks for the comment Julia, Glad you've been enjoying the game :)

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I bought this game, and even threw in an extra $5. However... upon purchasing and downloading it, I found that I cannot play it. I'm running Windows 8.1, and when I click the launch button on Itch, the game will start, but its window doesn't play. I hear what I presume is the main menu SFX, but Warsim doesn't appear on any of my three monitors, nor does it appear when I alt-tab through my available windows.

I've tried restarting my pc and relaunching the game, but nothing happens. Any thoughts on how I can fix this problem?

Edit: I can launch the game through its install folder and it works properly, but not through itch. I don't know what could cause this issue, but at least I can play the game now.

Hey Klokinator,

Sorry I've only just seen this but thank you a bunch for the tip! Very kind of you :)

I'll be honest I didn't even know you could launch games through itch, but I'm glad you've got it fixed. Is everything working fine now?




Yeah, I got it sorted. I want to play more of the game, however, the game window is very tiny. I have a 1440p monitor and it is a fraction of my monitor's size. I can barely read the text and it's giving me awful eyestrain. I'd enjoy the game more if I could make the window and text bigger in scale. Any suggestions?


Right click the top bar of the screen and select properties, from there you should be able to adjust the font and window size as you please :)


this is one of the most underrated indie games i ever seen, the potential is huge. even as it is its a great game and worth a buy.
but the marketing and pricing is terribly done, its worth 5$ not 3$ its disrespectful to pay any less then 5$ for this game. you can burn a lot of hours of fun with it. and there isnt alot of text based games like it, not that polished.

if i was this game owner/creator, i would upload a video about it every day, knock on every door, post anywhere they let me post. and even have a marketing budget targeted at indie game fans (rouglike/crusader kings/ casual game fans etc) you need a real targeted market research and good copywriting somthing that will talk directly to your target (your game description is OK). maybe use influencers, like that crazy sseth he did ascii based game reviews (maybe find a smaller youtuber influencer).

 and a better way to monetize this, at this rate it wont fly, and this thing can. maybe a patreon. its so good i personally will throw more dollas at this just to get more content.

you made it in the product creation phase which is a great feat alone. but you need marketing/ copywriting too. learn those stuff, read gary halbert (his stuff is free  gold). psychology of buying (why people buy). search on google anything you can find on internet marketing (and game advertising) free and paid seo etc (you can dominate some of your games keywords=free trafic in the long term).

in any case good luck.

Hey Yoel, thanks for such a kind comment!

I appreciate you seeing potential in it, The game is currently on sale on steam and I'm trying to get the discount visible and use it as an opportunity to gain more players.

I'm always happy to take on ideas around marketing though so I appreciate it!

Thanks a bunch :)

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Hi! I just purchased your game here again (I already own it on Steam for some years now) to support your incredibly ambitious project and your dedication to continuously improve it. And indeed it gets better and better with every update and has become one of my favourites. I look forward to every new version. I wish you all the best with Warsim, I really hope it gets the attention it deserves.

<3 Thanks for the support! It means a lot


Is a macOS version still in the roadmap?


I would like to in the future! I have never gotten anything running on mac before but fingers crossed