A lot of new features in this update, humming musicians you can only find in the musicians guild, now when you attack a faction it will show in the battle reports at the end of the turn, two new cheats that allow for an increased challenge, with a spymaster skill of 100 or more the player can see how many people died in each battle in turn reports, also lots of new kingdom names and the ability to take all the troops from an independent kingdom, kill their king and increase or decrease their civility level through debug mode, so now that group of savage trolls with their evil king umbog are no more as you can make them less savage and kill him! Enjoy


* Added Humming Musician to the bards guild
* Added ability for Aslona to appear in battle reports
* Added new cheat '444' surrounded by empires (makes all groups 10x tougher)
* Added new cheat '445' dense empires (same as 444 but lands are the same)
* Added ability to see how many slavers you have in the slaver fort (credit u/GoldfingerLickinGood)
* Added ability to see casualties in battlereports if spymaster skill is 100
* Added 3x as many kingdom names such as (kingdom of racetype) or (racetype domain)
* Added nations on new continents are 10x as powerful
* Added debug mode ability to increase and decrease a kingdoms civilisation level
* Added debug mode ability to take independent kingdoms full troop count
* Added debug mode ability to auto assassinate kingdoms ruler


* Fixed independent troop text bug
* Fixed music playing when disabled bug
* Fixed Goblin Berserkers not in troop count  (credit u/GoldfingerLickinGood)


* Capped demon horde at 2500 units
* Added 6 new flag parts
* Added a new advice item
* Added new name suffix (the hummingbird)


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May 23, 2017

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