Todays update is unintentionally huge, I've been working really hard on more updates to the bard system and it's been good fun, there is still more to come like the bards guild and some new musician types but for now I'm very happy with how it's all worked out, ended up working on lots of throne room stuff too, several bugfixes and a new race, also I'm looking into expanding the blackmarket, having recently added two new things to it I'm thinking it could stand to have many more new things, but with the blackmarket grown you'd better believe that the people defending it will put up more of a fight.


* Added Psion race to the game

* Added Warsim Music Library to extras

* Added ability to ask musicians to encore

* Added ability to bribe musicians to play more if they refuse

* Added bards have names

* Added ability to react to bards performances

* Added ability to reward bards performances

* Added a substyle of normal lute (variations)

* Added ability to hire musician as a member of your staff

* Added ability to ask musician to play for any length of time (be careful!)

* Added special super secret guessing game to vampire bard staff members

* Added Elixir stall to black market

* Added Musicians Elixir that makes court bards play faster than anyone!

* Added dynamic scale that makes bards more or less likely to appear in your court based on how you treat them (with a max of 3x as many bards and a min of 50x less bards)


* Fixed demon totem text bug

* Fixed random face generator bug

* Fixed sudden death dice game bug

* Fixed shallowrock goblin screen bug

* Fixed bardskill bug

* Fixed the force encore bug

* Fixed camp assurak image bug

* Fixed spacing bug in Orb Stall in black market

* Fixed Shadow Assassin encounter appearing when you've already paid for it

* Fixed shadow assassin tower allowing you to hire assassins twice

* Fixed mrket text bug in black market


* Made small haven tribute request throne room encounter rarer

* Added Trodden flowers throne room encounter

* Added Smelly wheat throne room encounter

* Added man who lived with rebels throne room encounter

* Added faradals personal guard throne room encounter

* Added shunned rebel throne room encounter

* Added forced rebel throne room encounter

* Added mad money hedge wizard throne room encounter

* Added tavern recomendation fighter throne room encounter

* Added dying father promise armed man throne room encounter

* Added glory seeking man throne room encounter

* Added best choice armed man throne room encounter

* Added 4 new responses for gold coin goblin throne room encounter

* Made gold coin goblin throne room encounter slightly rarer

* Added new passing knight can't join you excuse

* Made forgive outlaws encounter rarer

* Added dynamic forgive outlaws encounter option to kill him


* Updated arena gate animation to be 50% faster

* Updated donations page

* Added dynamic origin story to musicians

* Added new low musician level of beginner (.1 seconds slower than the worst)

* Added dynamic identifier of bard

* Added dynamic response of bards to your reactions

* Made Brawlers pit fighter HP more randomised

* Added dynamic court musician skill level system

* Added dynamic text for court musician

* Added chance that some musicians wont join your court if asked

* Added BardDebug mode which shows you how many beats left until song is over

* Added colour to old ruined totem

* Added colour to camp assurak


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May 05, 2017

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