This update contains a stupid amount of fixes including one raised here on the sub recently, as well as a new location and some new black market stuff as well as over 70000 new faces for elves!


* Added The Northern Hall to Songwood in The West
* Added the Ancient Lightning Chant to the game
* Added the Long Serpent Boat the Dockrow
* Added Long Serpent Lightning Chant
* Added 75600 New Elf Faces

* Added Captain Ragnar the Stag to Long Serpent


* Fixed no exit option for hiring a champion (credit ChuteUk)
* Fixed building spacing and roof spacing
* Fixed hostile black market leader forces you to fight him
* Fixed loop game breaking bug for capturing blackmarket from hostile king
* Fixed access to blackmarket leaders den if no leader exists
* Fixed Ogloob the Tavern Ogre misreporting who the blackmarket leader is
* Fixed ability to get bank tax when you raid the bank
* Fixed the infinite burning fruit farm bug (credit u/Darkmark8910 & Ursur)
* Fixed Scorpion fighting pit buyers text bug (credit Ursur)
* Fixed Lute Bards making no sound in the bards guild
* Fixed Mad mans den wrong colour text
* Fixed Black opal line issue
* Fixed Double Charge Black Market Bug


* Added New Secret Gravestone

Hey guys, this update is already live on steam but I'm late to put the changelog up, mostly bugfixes and some more additions to the blackmarket, chiefly if the leader of it is a goblin, you get racist scrawlings, new buildings and bunch of new troops joining the defense, updates to come should include a few more additions to the black market and some more balancing and bugfixing before I move onto a big update with exploration! :)


* Added goblin style guardposts to market if goblin king
* Added debug mode ability to replace blackmarket leader with new one (in market den)
* Added Diversification of Wildermen troops (2 new troops)
* Added Goblin Defenders to the Black Market (for goblin kings)


* Fixed Black Alley no line text spacing bug
* Fixed Black Alley description text bug
* Fixed line spacing issues across Blackrow
* Fixed Sewer den graphic bug
* Fixed broken phenor banner
* Fixed Sudden death and wulf text issues
* Fixed numerous miscolored locations


* Added 4 currency name generator parts
* Added 15 roof parts
* Added 15 new dialogues to thickblood tavern and blackrow tavern
* Added colour to the dices in the Blackrow tavern game '12'
* Added Goblin racist scrawling if goblin king leader (to sewers)
* Updated blackrow graphic


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Jul 03, 2017

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