The Current State of the Adventurer's Update

Hello everyone,

It's been too long since Warsim has had an update, and that as usual makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. The reason for the wait is a good one though, this adventurers update has ballooned into one of the biggest Warsim updates ever with over 7 billion new Warsim adventurer quests added, a total overhaul of Adventurers with much deeper effects in the world, new and revised systems for contacting them and conducting diplomacy and tons more!

It's nearing the final stages now as all I have to do is finish my testing, getting the saving and loading of the adventurer files to work better, and then it should be good to go.

I have two main concerns on the road to this updates release.

During a playtest where I spawned 10x the number of groups than the game default provides, I ran 300 years of adventuring and near the end, for no clear reason, there was a lone crash. I went back and tried to replicate it with no success, and I honestly have no clue what could have caused it.

I'm honestly sad it was so rare because the cause of it could be literally anything. There is nothing worse than a crash bug and those are the ones I focus on most.

The other concern is that the update has so many new features and parts that mentioning them in one changelog might be too big to post on as most places have a character limit and I have had this issue before with a previously gargantuan update, I suppose that's a good problem to have unlike the former!

Regardless, thank you for reading and following along, Warsim work is still plowing on even if you aren't seeing any updates!

Cheers and all the best


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I think when we all play the new version, and assuming the crash comes up again, we can pool our feedback so you can slay that Beast!

Thank you mate! Appreciate it :)


Fantastic work, and I hope you're doing well. Thank you for keeping us updated!

Thank you mate, I'm not too bad :)

I hope you are doing well too!