This update brings a new exploration area, some new places to the blackmarket including a tavern with it's own elven owner and new games and bits of entertainment to keep you busy, many bugfixes and balancing features too!


* Added Gro'lok's Stump to Songwood in the west (replaces donor page)
* Added chariot/doom/lightning chants/buzzy to extras menu music library
* Added new minigame (dragon knight wench) to the Dragons kneecap tavern
* Added Guildrow to the blackmarket
* Added The Dragons Kneecap tavern
* Added mutants to black market sewers (60 dialogues)
* Added Dancing goblin to the Dragons kneecap tavern


* Fixed Shine of harvest text bug (credit heniwuler)
* Fixed Coinflipper arrest bug (credit heniwuler)
* Fixed No bank available text spacing bug
* Fixed Thickblood upgrade text error
* Fixed Thickblood owned has no sudden death or rumours
* Fixed Splitline issue with attacking enemies
* Fixed raiding blackmarket crash bug (credit Begginfokillz)
* Fixed descriptions of masterless peasants and soldiers encounters


* Updated Settings and extras menus layouts
* Archived Old changelogs
* Updated the changelog system
* Updated extras menu
* Added 5 new tavern dialogues
* Added Graphics to all explore encounters
* Nerfed 1500 gold foreign king knight buyer (only buys one)
* Added colour to artifacts in artifact hall


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Jul 08, 2017

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