This unexpectedly became a huge update, tons of bugs fixed, you can now enroll in the history guild, speak to your teacher, take classes, fail and pass exams, visit old titan skulls, fight with wildermen on two new fronts, visit the assurak camp if you're the demon king, fund the blackmarket and witness them do all sorts of stuff including enacting laws and building statues of themselves or destroying old statues! there is much more to come in the future


* Added New Location titan skull to the south
* Added History Guild with enrollement and first season (5 lessons and a 20 question exam)
* Added cultist dance to camp assurak
* Added assurak leader (who you can question)
* Added ability to enter camp assurak if you are the demon king
* Added library to history guild (with 4 books)
* Added 4'438'868'108'450'256 mutant faces (8.3 Quadrillion total)
* Added 3'001'565'968'639'050 human faces (43 Quadrillion total)
* Added New Location Wilderman village to the wild north
* Added New Location Wildhome to the wild north
* Added blackmarket treasury (gold used to pay blackmarket troops, build statues, fund events)
* Added random events in blackmarket based on leader
* Added blackmarket goblin outlaw event (will remove all goblins from blackmarket)
* Added blackmarket leader statue


* Fixed ascii free version of game general face appears before attack
* Fixed Phenor face colour in diplomacy
* Fixed Faradal face colour in diplomacy
* Fixed Rebel flag colour in diplomacy
* Fixed Bandit flag colour in diplomacy
* Fixed mystery slaver colour in the east
* Fixed old wooden cabin naming error
* Fixed Text colour for strength stone in the north
* Fixed black market population to include black market scum
* Fixed Watchtower black market text colour
* Fixed Demon Gate enterable as soon as you discover 3rd southern area
* Fixed Sudden death exit bug #1
* Fixed Speak to a random patron (credit Liquidor)
* Fixed Sudden Death exit bug #2
* Fixed Bluetrii market stall no pricing
* Fixed used chelobs well text and line spacing
* Fixed goblin dance description
* Fixed Blackrow is know text bug
* Fixed wrong combination for ancient door message skipped
* Fixed blackmarket docks upgraded watchtower upgrade
* Fixed ruined watchtower in owned dockrow 0 spacing bug
* Fixed blackmarket hire cost double for small groups
* Fixed spacing of lines when attacking enemy faction
* Fixed rebel village roof graphic bug
* Fixed saveload system error pause
* Fixed unable to leave blackmarket without paying fee
* Fixed Assurak text colour bug
* Fixed northern hall text colour bug
* Fixed northern hall duplicate horde text bug


* Added special new colouring to goblin watchtower in dockrow
* Added new description for upgraded dockrow watchtower
* Updated blackmarket toll text
* Added 'Who are the wildermen' book to history guild
* Added 'Swiftwind the Last Great clan' book to history guild
* Added 'The Death of the North' book to the history guild
* Added 'The Conspiracy of Thickblood' book to the history guild
* Added ability to speak to class teacher (dynamic)
* Added ability to repeat a class
* Added new leader intro dialogues to black market
* Added two new hats
* Updated ingame cheats display
* Added Demon summoner wont work in 50th year (demon horde event)
* Added wildermen tag to saaroth
* Added 3 new types of wildermen (champions/berserks and warriors)
* Added wildhome wildermen get +1 battlescore
* Added Orc grunters to Orc/Orcling kingdoms
* Added mercantile leader blackmarket gold bonus
* Added blackmarket troop costs


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Jul 18, 2017

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