Been a decent update this week, quite a few player suggestions and fixes, there is a new bard menu you can mess around with in the extra menu, several new locations including a trading post, lots of new undead units as well as 227x as many lich faces as before! 449 million in total which is a whole lotta liches!


* Added blackmarket leader can run with the gold (if merchantile king)
* Added ability to hire multiple independent units at once (credit  Houjuu Byakuren)
* Added ability to sack the black market treasury if you run the blackmarket
* Added Necromancers Hall to blackrow in the blackmarket
* Added custom bard system to the extra menu (Warsim music library)
* Added eastern trading post to the east (credit Ursur)
* Added Bonewalker, Skeleton Warrior, Half-Skeleton, Crawling Skeleton units to the undead horde
* Added 447829280 lich faces (227* as many as before) was 1.9 mil now 449 mil


* Added Southern explorers guide book
* Added legend of the iron hills book
* Added eastern travel guide book
* Added Western travel guide book


* Added painter wants to paint a portrait of you (credit u/PJvG) (2 encounters)
* Added Destroy the blackmarket throne room encounter
* Added Gambler Needs gold throne room encounter
* Added Militia man loyal throne room encounter
* Added Warrior needs sword throne room encounter
* Added stolen golden telescope throne room encounter
* Added fake golden telescope throne room encounter


* Fixed public opinion not lowering when tax laws say it does
* Fixed half-skull in extras expression test menu
* Fixed Shallowrock mine prospect price tag bug
* Fixed mercenary company destroyed bug (credit Mulatdood)
* Fixed trapped on longserpent bug (credit Houjuu Byakuren)
* Fixed Monfort mine deathswitch garrison bug
* Fixed eastern compass colour issue
* Fixed mine collapse miner deaths
* Fixed no gold gain from raiding wagon mans post


* Added chance of public opinion lowering from blackmarket trade route
* Added 3 new expressions to the expression test menu (no beard, no hair,oneye)
* Added 9 new currency parts (1000s of new coin types)
* Added 3 Abomination Names
* Added 4 Demon names
* Added 40 Ghoul names
* Added New building tileset
* Added 2 new sewer dialogues
* Added 3 new tavern dialogues
* Added Ability to collapse shallowrock mine
* Added ability to prospect in Hlok mine
* Added ability to collapse Hlok mine
* Added monfort mine collpase
* Added dynamic responses in monfort mine if owned by enemy
* Moved sinking sandhole to the dunelands
* Increase wagon man post income


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Jul 25, 2017

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