Warsim 0.7.5 - The Monster Trainer Update!

Hey guys I'm really happy to finally be able to release this update today, this has been another tough one to code so it look a lot longer than expected but here we are, the Monster Trainer Update. I also recorded a video demonstrating the new monster trainer update features, see it here.


So this was suggested a while ago on audiogames and also recently on steam by Blackenblood and so others so finally I decided to give it a go, now you can build a monster pit and find yourself some procedurally generated monsters either by buying them or sending an expedition of soldiers to capture one for you, captured monsters can fight with eachother, be named, be trained, or be pitted against one of 42 different challengers each with their own procedurally generated beasts, the system was made to be fun and was bugtested more rigorously than new features usually are but let me know of any bugs or suggestions you have for it!

* Added new kingdom upgrade 'Little monster pit' (25k) Allows for access to the monster fight system, stores 1 monster
* Added new kingdom upgrade 'Monster pit' (30k) Allows for 2 monsters to be stored
* Added new kingdom upgrade 'Grand Monster Pit' (50k) allows for 3 monsters to be stored
* Added 5555 new monsters
* Added 42 different challengers to monster pit (each with unique dialogues/graphics and bonuses)
* Added cheat code '420' to fill your monster pit with monsters (Enter in monster pit screen)
* Added cheat code '421' to monster pit to refresh monster seller (Enter in monster pit screen)
* Added cheat code '422' to refresh monster trainers (Enter in monster pit screen)
* Added Expensive monster seller throne room encounter (dynamic price)
* Added Cheap monster seller throne room encounter (dynamic price)
* Added new throne room encounter sneaky boys see monster
* Added new throne room encounter beasts raised in keep
* Added new throne room encounter the king at night
* Added dynamic expedition to capture a monster (can come back alive/some dead or all dead)
* Added new screens for docile monster fight failure
* Added dynamic text for monster fight commencning (5 alternates)
* Added dynamic text for monster pit fight entrance text (4 alternatives)
* Added 1 in 5 chance of public opinion drop for battling your monsters (-2 public op)
* Added if no trainer your monsters fight with -5% health
* Added 160+ skill trainer gives 25% bonus to health
* Added 140+ skill trainer gives 20% bonus to health
* Added 120+ skill trainer gives 15% bonus to health
* Added 100+ skill trainer gives 10% bonus to health
* Added 80+ skill trainer gives 5% bonus to health
* Added less than 50 skill trainer takes 2% from your monsters health
* Added missing spike move to monster fighter system
* Added 6 dynamic intro texts for fights involving your own creatures


Not to be outshined by monsters mercenaries have undergone a lot of work this update too, now expect more screens and situations involving mercenaries, bugs have been fixed, ex-slaves wont work for slavers, what they do and say to you are far more dynamic and there are more sound effects being used for them!

* Added mercenaries with the backstory of having been slaves will not work for a ruler who has slaves
* Removed destroyed factions from mercenary attack screen
* Made who to attack next it's own screen for mercenary groups
* Added never mind I want to reconsider option to mercenary attacks
* Added vassal status shown on any vassals in mercenary attack menu
* Added new screen to mercenary group refusing to work with demons attempted hire
* Added new screen to mercenary group with vendetta against you attempted hire
* Added merc refusal and vendetta encounters use dynamic mmm sound effect (1 of 4 at random)
* Added new screen for hiring merc group for single attack
* Added new screen for merc cost refund
* Added new screen for contract being fulfilled by merc group
* Added new dynamic screens for attempting to assimilate mercenary companies
* Added new screen and graphic for converting peasants into peasant militia company
* Added new screens and graphics for converting soldiers into merc company
* Added new screens and graphics for converting demons into merc company
* Fixed text and layout of mercenary assessment screen
* Added new screen for asking merc group to disband
* Added new screen for hiring mercenary group
* Added new screen for firing mercenary group (with sound effect if group has 15 troops or more)
* Added new screen for assessing strength of mercenary group
* Fixed grammar issues with assessing strength of mercenary groups
* Fixed raid and invade options being available for demons and pest group in merc menu
* Added new text for before battle with demons as mercenary company
* Added new text for before battle with pest group as mercenary company
* Added new pre-battle mercenary screen
* Fixed not refunded if attack is cancelled last minute with mercenaries
* Added screen for not being able to afford land capture charge with mercenaries
* Added cost tag to invade option for merc companies who charge for invasions
* Fixed unable to view merc leaders stats screen once hired
* Reworked merc leader stats screen a little bit
* Added 10 different possible comments from merc group before launching an attack
* Added 10 different possible comments from merc group when being hired
* Added 5 different possible comments from merc group when completing a single contract
* Fixed mercenary groups screen skip for any group that refuses you


Not a massive load of them, but 10 different throne room encounters and variants are now added to the game trying ever harder to keep the throne room from getting too stale.

* Added appreciated knight throne room encounter
* Added reasonable leader knight throne room encounter
* Added favoured knight throne room encounter
* Added royalist throne room encounter
* Added emancipation throne room encounter
* Added price of nothing throne room jester encounter
* Added jester's son throne room encounters (2 different encounters)
* Added budding jester throne room encounter
* Added drunk funny man throne room encounter


I found poor Gar'gallock with a bug effecting advising, I thought i'd fix him up and give him a few nice new features and polish.

* Fixed great gar'gallock double pause bug
* Added new question to ask gar'gallock (who are you?)
* Added new question to ask gar'gallock (do people often ask your advice?)
* Fixed grammar issues with gar'gallock screen
* Added new dynamic screen for paying gar'gallock
* Added single coin sound effect for gargallock during century fest
* Added coin bag sound effect for gargallock normal time
* Added Gar'Gallock to other category in throne room summonable entertainment


These are some lesser features that are still worth considering, now discovering new kingdoms/lands will be much harder depending on your difficulty choice so be careful how you start. The starting helmet your kingdom gets in the game is now randomised (fitting with so much else in the game). There are tons of other little features here so have a read.

* Added new system new lands depending on difficulty (now newly discovered kingdoms will be twice as hard on normal mode, 3 times as hard on hard mode, 4 times as hard on solid mode, and 5 times as hard on insane mode)
* Made it so that starting helmet in any game is randomised
* Added new screen for pulling new group of heroes from the hire screen
* Added rare chance that name begins with 'old ' and takes 5 battlescore from character
* Added new system for discovering new kingdoms (after 3rd lot of kingdoms lands growth will slow down a bit)
* Added 2 new screens for ordering mass sacrifice
* Added new screen for worse public opinion hit for mass sacrifice
* Added 4 special extra texts in grand champion screen before big battles (5th, 10th, 20th and 50th fights)
* Reworked the load game screen layout
* Added new screen for buying land from an independent nation
* Added ability to ask wagon throne room representetive how much you'll earn from trade
* Added ability to ask wagon throne room representetive who the wagon man is
* Added the ability to speak to a miner monfort mine (25 dialogues)


Prison was looking a little lackluster so I've updated it some more!

* Added new screen for asking how many prisoners are in your prison
* Added ability to speak to random prison in prison (req 10 prisoners) (25 dialogues)
* Added ability to set prison rules from prison screen (cause why the hell not)
* Updated prison description text


Lots of new sound effects for in game, mostly for monsters and monster pit related thing but some others for throne room and diplomacy situations.

* Added new orc laugh sound effect orc win in monster pit
* Added new slurp sound effect to vampire win in monster pit
* Added new sound effect for were-change
* Added sound effect for mass sacrifice
* Added coin sound to blacksmith paid screen
* Added 6 monster sound effects
* Added monster sound effects played between menus in monsterpit
* Added new bring the beast sound effect
* Added new warcry sound effect
* Added new trainer death sound
* Added hiccup sound to the game (and to the three hiccuping throne room encounters)
* Added new mining loop sound for visiting active mines


A handful of new reactions to certain throne room encounters, now things will be even more dynamic and unpredictable.

* Added 'smiling warcry' recruitment reaction in throne room
* Added 'wild warcry' recruitment reaction in throne room
* Added 'beat chest' recruitment reaction in throne room
* Added new praised bard reaction 'Thank you thank you' (+1 guild relation)
* Added new praised bard reaction 'grins and bows' (+1 guild relation)
* Added new praised bard reaction 'thanks for listening' 
* Added new praised bard reaction 'tears up a little' (+1 guild relation)
* Added new praised bard reaction 'bows and thanks'
* Added new praised bard reaction 'nervous one' (+1 guild relation)
* Added new praised bard reaction 'you're welcome'
* Added new praised bard reaction 'Nods and thanks'
* Added new praised bard reaction 'Just a nod'


Visited the mystery slaver in one of my playthroughs and his screen was looking like an afterthough, I ended up giving the entire mystery slaver feature an overhaul and changed most of it.

* Added 4 new graphics for mystery slaver (demon, goblin, human, empty)
* Added a face to the mystery slaver in the east
* Lowered price of mystery slaver in the east to 75 gold (was 100)
* Reworked description of mystery slaver
* Added new screen to forcing mystery slaver tribute
* Added new screen to arresting mystery slaver (with sfx)
* Added new question to mystery slaver dialogue screen
* Reworked mystery slaver dialogue screens
* Added new screen for having no gold with mystery slaver
* Added new screens for revealing cage with mystery slaver
* Fixed kicked out of mystey slaver screen after speaking to him


One mystery to another I also visited and was disapointed by the mystic hut, it now has new screens including a cool coin graphic and some sound effects.

* Added coinflip sound effect to mystic hut
* Added new graphic for destroyed mystic hut
* Added new screens for mystic hut
* Added face to mystic hut person
* Added new screen and sound effects for arresting mystic hut man
* Added new screen for mystic hut demon servant gold gift
* Added new coin graphics for mystic hut


I was sure it was completed but upon revisiting the history guild (on Niklas' request) I found several bugs and issues, so I went through it all and fixed as many as I could as well as adding a few minor additions.

* Fixed teachers now recognise if you've graduated when you ask them questions about lessons and exams in history guild
* Fixed eastern history exam not showing your end grade
* Fixed east and south history exams showing second year on exam sheet
* Fixed south history showing wrong number of questions on exam sheet
* Added teachers names to final history guild ceremony
* Added trumpet sound and new screen to history guild ceremony
* Fixed text colour issue in history guild library
* Made history guild library graphics correlate with how many books there are


The lava pit was another thing spotted on a playthrough that looked flat, now the screen has been improved with new features and sounds.

* Added new screen for having no peasants
* Added 2 new random outcomes for throwing peasant in lava pool
* Added new background loop sound for lava pit lava
* Added new sound effect for throwing peasant into the lava
* Fixed lava pit text wordwrap and grammar issues


An enourmous amount of bugs fixed in this update, thanks to everyone who helped with these!

* Fixed village attack leaving your troops in purgatory bug (credit u/telejimes)
* Fixed arena crowd sound not resuming after buying the arena
* Fixed missing line and text colour issues from destroyed royal bank
* Fixed grand champion bribe issue taking you into debt if you didn't have the gold
* Fixed brawling throne room ending double pause bug
* Fixed totem graphic bug for assurak camp visit
* Fixed brawling throne room men not having any names bug
* Fixed blessing encounter text space bug
* Fixed groan sound effect not working
* Fixed bug with allies and new lands
* Fixed rabble rule in throne room shows up as bards once disabled
* Fixed goblin hall goblin leader text bug (credit VineFynn)
* Fixed prison pop report guard bug
* Fixed prison fight to the death kicks you out of prison after its done
* Fixed closing prison option not working properly
* Fixed peasant sacrifice for peace event took gold instead of peasants
* Fixed 'hasn't been working very on the fields' text bug (credit 71)
* Fixed goblin hall leadership bug
* Fixed 'come to and end' text bug with demon mirror
* Fixed 'known as be' harlaw text bug
* Fixed missing space in slave agitator encounter (credit 71)
* Fixed unfunny jester space missing throne room encounter (credit 71)
* Fixed demon summoned text (credit 71)
* Fixed militia throne room encounter happening even when militia banned (credit 71)
* Fixed 'the open his mouth' text bug in throne room (credit u/telejimes)
* Fixed 'room nice room' text bug in throne room (credit u/telejimes)
* Fixed spacing issue with celebration well wishes throne room event (credit u/telejimes)
* Fixed bandit gold giver face change bug (credit u/telejimes)
* Fixed centre of a village text bug in south (credit u/telejimes)
* Fixed demon mirror sound bug (credit u/HabibGaming)
* Fixed bug with theme music not restarting when restart theme music selected
* Fixed rewards and far greater text bug
* Fixed mines not changing to unstaffed if you take miners back out
* Fixed triton warrior unit listed as Triron warrior
* Fixed on old hag text bug in celebration event text
* Fixed bug with wagon man throne room rep face changing if you accept the deal
* Fixed tax tax is sometimes 0 but still gets reported (credit 71)
* Fixed blackmarket assassination questline being available even when you are the leader of the market (credit 71)
* Fixed witches harvest blessing not working
* Fixed textwrap for fleck the demon servant
* Fixed text colour bug for all of fleck demon servants dialogues
* Fixed game shows you being at war with newly discovered lands when you're not
* Fixed missing space when buying land from independents
* Fixed double pause on independent land buy screen
* Fixed able to get into hall of order even if you dont own it
* Fixed farrad wall text bug
* Fixed zombie sound not working


A big load of other stuff that I couldn't categorise for one reason or another but still work a read of!

* Added new text indicator of how much gold was spent when hiring independent troops
* Rewrote jester throne room intro dialogues
* Added single coin deposit and withdraw screens to royal bank (with sfx)
* Added no gold withdraw and deposit screen to royal bank
* Added 420 secret option to Erkland the leaf burner in blackmarket slums
* Reshuffled layout of options on other buildings screen
* Added new vampire name 'Cradula' (credit u/Vylcount)
* Added guidance lines to monster part maker
* Made two and three headed races heads closer together
* Updated other buildings screen layout
* Reworked 'yeah' reaction to recruitment to have a sound effect and slightly altered text
* Fixed intro game text about number of races
* Updated demon overlord victory screen
* Added new screen and sfx for sacrificing a peasant to demon totems in the south
* Merged numerous instances of monster fight code into one instance


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Jun 18, 2019

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Your work is just incredible. I follow you here and on Steam (I own your game over there) for quite some time now and I'm again and again totally intrigued and amazed of what you do. I imagine you put thousands of hours in your game and it definitively shows. All the content you add and all the adjustments and improvements you make are just phenomenal for me to witness. I don't comment very often but I'm always observing and it's a pleasure to read about every new update. Fantastic work, your game is a class of its own!

Thanks Athanasius, that really really means a lot :) I've been working on warsim for years and don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon! Lovely comments like this are the best source of motivation though. Thanks for commenting and for supporting the game <3

(4 edits)

Thank you for doing what you do! :) I'm very happy you won't stop with it soon. Your dedication is really inspiring. Many of these lousy so called "AAA"-developers should take an example from you.

Thanks again man, never liked seeing early access projects get abandoned, especially when they were being sold, I feel like I owe everyone the best game I can possibly make :)