Been a little while since the last update again, had some issues with the code and it's taken a while to get it fixed (thank god for backups), this edition has a few new knightly order features, there is also a level of interactivity with the laughing lion ship if you find it docked in the blackmarket, we have a new teacher and his first lesson in the history guild and there are craptons of new flags, faction names as well as new bandit faction naming system which uses animals names, and finally lots of new demigods including creepy eyeless ones! Enjoy


* Added captain gerry to the laughing lion (with dialogue)
* Added ability to buy magic orb from laughing lion ship when docked
* Added first lesson of the second year of history guild
* Added knightly order group of joiners random event
* Added knightly order single joiner random event
* Added added 4416984 new flags
* Added 3 new warrior types (bladesinger/swordsinger/spearsinger)
* Added 1000s of new faction names
* Added new animal name bandit faction naming system (alongside the old system)
* Added 47029248 new demigod faces


* Added Knightly order joiner throne room encounter
* Added new throne room graphic if demonic kingdom is declared


* Fixed knightly order colour
* Fixed knightly order skip out bug
* Fixed knightly order current activity description
* Fixed dead krut and erak rebuild land sell bug
* Fixed ghoul name file bug
* Fixed ancient ancestral sword clear screen issue


* Added colour to the game load screen
* Added 5 human names
* Added 5 ent names
* Added a new joke to jesters
* Added 3 new sewer dialogues
* Added some new bits of advice to gargallock
* Added Name suffix 'the Meditative' +1 battlescore
* Added Name suffix 'the Bannerman' +10 battlescore
* Added Name suffix 'the Swordsinger' +44 battlescore
* Added Name suffix 'the Spearsinger' +46 battlescore
* Added Name suffix 'the Bladesinger' +45 battlescore


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Aug 29, 2017

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